Rental Procedures
Rental Policies


Payment Policy

I agree to pay the published rate for the type of aircraft I have rented according to the terms set forth by Astron Enterprises, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as ‘the company’). Payment terms included cash, personal checks, credit cards, money deposited on account, and advance deposits on cross-country and/or overnight flights.

I agree that payment for each flight shall be due immediately upon completion of that flight. If my flight returns outside of normal business hours, I will make payment on the next business day by one of the aforementioned methods. Also, all accounts that are not paid in full within 30 days of the account’s due date will be subject to a 1.5% late fee accruing monthly.

I agree to pay a charge of $25 each time I fail to cancel an airplane scheduled to my account within one half hour of my proposed departure time. I understand that I may cancel airplanes by phoning the company office, leaving a message to such effect on the company answering machine, or via the Internet at

If my check is returned, I agree to reimburse the company for the amount of the ‘returned check charge’.

Adherence to Regulations

I agree to operate the rented aircraft in accordance with FAR §91 and any State and Local air regulations that may apply to my flight. I understand that no illegal items may be carried aboard the aircraft, i.e. illegal drugs, weapons, explosives, etc. Further, I agree to operate the aircraft only within the borders of the contiguous United States. Flights outside these borders are classified as ‘International’ and are expressly prohibited. On a case-by-case basis, the company may authorize such a flight if certain conditions are met. It is expressly agreed that the aircraft will not be flown into Mexico and that such actions by the pilot will constitute Felony Theft by Conversion and the company will take legal action to protect the aircraft.

Indemnify and Hold Harmless

I agree to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend the company, its officers, employees, and agents from and against any and all claims for loss, damage, liability, or injury, however caused, resulting directly or indirectly from my operation of the aircraft; and acknowledge that activities involving aircraft involve inherent risks that I understand and expressly assume.

Preflight Action

Prior to flight I will perform a thorough preflight inspection of the aircraft per Section 4 of the POH/AFM or the company supplied checklist and perform the preflight action of §91.103. I will not accept the aircraft unless I find it in an airworthy condition, and will record any discrepancies in the dispatcher’s Squawk Log. If my flight is out of the local area, I will obtain a FSS Standard Weather Briefing immediately before departure and will not fly if conditions along the route of flight do not meet or are forecasted to be below VFR minimums unless I am instrument rated, current, have the publications necessary for the route of flight, and the aircraft is equipped per §91.167. I will file an FAA flight plan and complete a Cross-Country Trip Sheet for all ‘cross country’ flights.

I agree to report all incidents and accidents to the company at once, along with the names and addresses of witnesses and involved parties. In the event of an accident, I will not permit the aircraft to be moved unless instructed to do so by federal, state, or local authorities and take all reasonable steps to protect the aircraft from further loss.


In the event of a malfunction of any part of the aircraft, I agree not to tamper with or attempt to repair any part of the aircraft, but will instead telephone the company for instructions. If my flight is terminated prematurely, delayed, or rerouted due to mechanical problems, I agree to pay for the hours I have flown. I understand that the company will not be responsible for any costs or expenses incurred by me or my passengers including but not limited to food, lodging, alternate transportation, loss of time or wages, or inconvenience resulting from problems with the aircraft. If I fail to return the aircraft to its home base at Gwinnett County Airport (LZU) for any reason except mechanical failure, I agree that I am responsible for the cost of retrieving the aircraft which includes but is not limited to a ferry aircraft and pilot.

After Landing

I agree to return the aircraft at the scheduled time in the same condition in which it was dispatched, normal wear and tear excepted. If my flight is delayed for any reason, I will notify the company by telephone. Whenever the aircraft is parked, I will ensure it is securely tied down with the controls locked. I will submit fuel receipts within 30 days of my flight or forego my right to fuel credits.

If I cause damage to the aircraft or its equipment through carelessness, negligence, or by exceeding published limitations, I agree to reimburse the company in the amount of the labor required to complete the needed repairs. Leaving the master switch on results in a $25 charge or the labor required to replace the battery if it is no longer serviceable. Flat-spotting a tire results in a $125 fee.


I will fly as Pilot in Command from the left front seat only and will permit no one else to manipulate the flight controls unless I am an appropriately rated CFI. I will land only at established hard surface runways except as an emergency measure. I will not fly any company aircraft in which a company CFI has not checked me out.

If I am a Student Pilot, I agree to remain under the supervision of any appropriately rated company CFI. I understand that my CFI is an independent contractor and not a company employee.


The company’s permission to use its facilities and equipment hinges on the information provided on the Pilot Profile and compliance with this agreement. I will permit the company to examine my records at any time to verify my compliance and will submit, in addition to this agreement, photocopies of my pilot certificate, medical certificate, driver’s license or government-issued photo ID, and logbook entries showing recency of experience and BFR (if applicable).

Flight Instructor’s Statement of Compliance

I, , agree to train the student pilot named on this document in accordance with the applicable portions of FAR §61 and §91, the PTS for the rating sought, an industry-accepted curriculum, and the policies and procedures of the company.

Zero Tolerance Policy

In March of 1998, a new ‘zero tolerance’ policy was initiated by the US Customs Service and the US Coast Guard in the war on drugs. This policy is an attempt to attack the problem at its source, the demand for illegal drugs. If authorities discover someone in possession of even a minute amount of a controlled substance, they will pursue criminal prosecution of the pilot as well as seizing the aircraft.

The company fully supports this zero tolerance policy and it is strictly against company policy for any pilot to carry any contraband or controlled substance aboard company aircraft.

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