Overnight Policy

We do not have daily minimum requirements on "cross country" flights less than a week. All flight time is based on the Hobbs meter and is paid as you go. You may put money on account as an alternative to paying as you go.


  You must assign a credit card to your account. If you choose not to do so, you must maintain a positive balance at all times and submit a deposit equal to the anticipated flight cost prior to each flight. If you maintain money on account and your current or anticipated flight costs exceed the remaining balance, the difference is due upon your flight’s arrival or an additional deposit must be applied to your account before flight. Failure to meet these conditions will result in an inability to schedule further flights until your account is made current.  


This is the information that will be requested for your overnight or cross country travel. This form in Microsoft Word format is available below so you may print it ahead of time to turn into the front desk.

Date:_________________ Aircraft Identifier, N____________________________

Pilot Name:_____________________________________________________________

Cellphone or Pager:___ _________________________Name of contact if phone or pager does not belong to pilot ___________________________________________

Flight Leaves:(date):_________________ (time):____________________________

Expected Arrival Time at (destination)_____________________is (time)__________

and at (second destination)____________________ is (date/time)_____________

____and at (third destination)____________________is (date/time)______________

Expected Date of Return at KLZU is(date)_______________at (time)_____________

Names of Passengers: (if applicable):

____________________________________Emergency Contact_#________ _______ __________________________________ _ Emergency Contact_#________ _______

__________________________________ _ Emergency Contact_#________________

__________________________________ _ Emergency Contact_#________________

_____________________________ _____ Emergency Contact_#________________

Hotel/Accomodations Information:

Name of Hotel, Motel, or People___________________________________________

Phone Number ______Room Number______________________

Which Location if it is a chain_____________________________________________