You've always dreamed of flying. Every time you hear a plane, you look up into the sky and wish you were there. Many times you thought about starting flight lessons, but didn't know where to begin.

Every pilot started out just like you. At Astron, we are here to explain the process, answer your questions, and get you into the air.

Flying is affordable, accessible and most importantly, safe. Anyone with the dedication can learn the material and master the skills. And it really isn't that hard . . .

Our certified flight instructors are highly trained and licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration - the FAA. They will instruct you at your own pace, making sure you are comfortable with the process every step of the way.

Flight school can be taken at your own pace, and as your finances allow. It's not necessary to have any ground school training prior to your flight training. Scheduling is flexible - you can fly on different days every week if needed. Most students take between four and six months to get their Private Pilot License. You'll find it's not nearly as expensive as you thought. And financial help is available for those who wish to pursue a career in aviation.

You can take your first step toward that license to fly by giving us a call. Schedule a Discovery Flight today and see for yourself what it is like to be a pilot.

Don't put it off any longer. Contact Astron today.