Flight training at Astron is always customized and individualized for the pilot.

All of our flight instructors are FAA certified. They are competent and checked out to instruct you in a variety of aircraft and equipment. The goal of our instructors is to be patient, thorough, and focused, making sure you learn in the most effective manner. Click here to see our instructors, with their backgrounds and credentials.

Astron instructors can take you from Private Pilot, through Instruments, and on to Commercial Single and Multi Engine and ATP ratings if you wish. Our CFIs are available on a fulltime basis so we can ensure that we fit our schedule to yours.

CFI Instruction is $34 per hour.

CFII Instruction is $36 per hour.

Multi Engine Instruction is $40 per hour.

Our airplanes are available to rent and range in price from $77 per hour to $218 per hour, depending on the type of aircraft. All flight time is based on the Hobbs meter, includes fuel and oil, and is "pay as you go". No commitment or contract is needed.

At Astron Enterprises, we meticulously maintain our own fleet of airplanes with a full-time A&P I.A.