Rates are based on mileage, the farther you fly, the more it costs. If you are making a round trip in a short period of time it will only cost you for the flight over and back. If you are being dropped off and need to be picked up on a later date it will cost you more based on whether the plane returns to home base, if the pilot needs be housed and paid for wait times, and could be offset if there are other passengers that need the plane in the area you are traveling to. The maximum range for this service will still cover most of the eastern seaboard, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio. The service really specializes in areas under 500 miles from Atlanta. This is the most efficient range for this type of aircraft. This may be expanded later with different aircraft. Please check the site when you have a question as the infomation here will be kept up to date.  


*Astron Enterprises does not offer Charter service at this time. These pages are left up for informational purposes only. Thank you.


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